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circles and elephants
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flau: echod
merry christmas, mr. power shovel
f.s. blumm & friends
meadow 4
turning dreams and shifting harbours
citta vista

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label: plop 2005 (CD)

f.s. blumm says: »(...) as a basis I took my guitar and wrote a composition inspired by ethiopian- rhythms. i did a 'general-midi' -version of it, which I burned on CD and then I gave both (the CD and the score) to my friends, telling them: "you can do whatever you want: stick to the notes, do a field-recording, freak out, but the closer you stay with the example the better everything will be combineable, I guess." in the end I received 10 beautiful contributions, reaching from one minute to one hour, from sparse melodies to rich arrangements. semuin and I combined all these pieces in countless ways; (...). we didn't suceed in doing the big symphony, but we did a lot of overtures.«