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Semuin - Province
With the cover artwork of FS Blumm, mastered by Greg Davis and released under a name that conveys next to nothing, this album from Berlin's Jochen Briesen is one of those fine-boned forest creatures that only emerges from the shadows when you pretend to be looking away. The structures are delicate, barely more than torn scrims of acoustic sounds, rumpled snatches processed effects. Pay close attention an they all but disappear. The occasional bold gesture may still catch you unawares, however, such as the extended quotation from Stravinsky's Symphony Of Wind Instruments at the end of "Lok" or surging, rapidly spliced voices on "Lktubii". Out of such moments are strong passions born. "It's really a fucking great record," says Greg Davis. "I love it." And so will you.
(Text: Ken Hollings)